Unique Specialty Stone
The natural, rustic look of stone is a beautiful way to upgrade your home’s interior. At Custom Marble And Onyx, we want to make this upgrade possible to give you the lowest possible price. That’s why we offer specialty cultured stone to give you the look you’re going for without gouging your bank account.

What is Cultured Stone?
If this is your first time shopping for stone and you’re trying to weigh your options, we’ll fill you in on an affordable alternative. Cultured stone is a factory-made material manufactured with different materials to give the appearance of natural stone. It’s a lighter and more economical choice for those on a budget. Custom Marble And Onyx allows you to choose from cultured marble, onyx and granite.

Customizable Cultured Marble, Onyx and Granite
Our cultured stones are composed of fiberglass resin, crushed limestone and other various recycled stone particles. After being thoroughly combined, the mix is poured into molds to be used for vanities, shower and tub panels and more to suit the custom look you have in mind. Cultured products are extremely versatile and allow you to take liberties with colors, finishes and shapes more affordable than natural materials.

Consider Cultured Stone for Your Remodel
If you’re remodeling your bathroom, consider the unique cultured stone options we offer at Custom Marble And Onyx. We’ll help you achieve the perfect look for your home at a low cost. Give us a call or stop by our showroom today to discover your options.